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Art prints & frames, handmade in England since 1982

How to Choose a Frame

At King & McGaw there are lots of great frames to choose from, from traditional styles to more modern designs. You can either select one of our suggested frames or dive straight into the frame customising section, where you'll be able to experiment with a number of different frame combinations.

When customising your own frame, begin by choosing which frame moulding style, colour and material you prefer. Next, if you feel it needs one, add a mount to enhance your art print and finally, select which glazing option you prefer.

There aren't any set rules to choosing a frame to suit your art print, in fact, we'd encourage you to express your individual taste and be adventurous. But, if you need some general guidance, we've listed a few things to consider below:

Colour & Style

Make sure to have a good look at how the frame moulding matches the colour and style of the art print. Consider a discreet look with a plain, white mould, or if you think your image needs a strong border, go for a bold, black or coloured frame. Traditionally, fine art is complemented well by gold, decorative frames and modern art is better suited to simple, plain frames. Finally, remember to consider your interior décor when choosing your frame. Not only can the frame be chosen to match the art print, it can be chosen to match the furniture too.

Frame Width

Generally the width of the frame should match the style and size of the artwork within. A wide frame could easily overwhelm a small picture and a narrow frame will not be bold enough for a large picture.

Picture Mounts

When selecting a mount for your art print, consider the colour and the size of it. The general rule of thumb is to choose a colour that complements but doesn't overwhelm the picture. The same goes for the size. You will be able to choose a wide mount option, as well as a standard sized option, so think about what size fits with your image.

Suggested Frames

If you're still stuck for what frame to go for, you can always take our advice and use our 'suggested frames' feature. Every one of our art prints comes with a selection of suggested frames that have been carefully chosen by our design team to best suit that particular art print, so you know you'll be in good hands.