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Meet the Artist

Find out how the 20th century Pop artist developed his iconic silkscreens.

Meet the Artist

Fine art photographer Deborah Schenck recently featured on More4’s Homes by the Sea, where she spoke about how living on the Devon coast is a daily inspiration for her work. Whether it’s the view she wakes up to every morning or the seashells and drift wood she collects on walks along the beach – the natural beauty of the … Continue reading Deborah Schenck: Living by the Sea →


A serendipitous discovery This remarkable collection of sheet music from the early 19th century to 1970s, came close to destruction on a couple of occasions if it hadn’t been for the efforts of Mark Rowles, a former employee of Chappell Music. In 1980, as the renowned music publisher was relocating from the offices they had … Continue reading Spotlight on Art Inspired By Music →