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The agenda

15 resolutions for 2015

by Milly

January, which takes its named from Janus, the two faced Roman god who looks back into the old year and forward into the new, is the perfect time to make New Year’s resolutions. So, here at Easyart, we’ve put together our top 15 mottos for the year ahead. Plus, to make sure the resolutions see the light of Spring we’ve collated the best art prints to keep you feeling motivated and inspired throughout the year, check them out here.

Here’s to a creative and happy 2015!

Explore more

Whether you take to the Tuscan hills, hop on a train to a neighbouring town or simply walk a different route to work – make 2015 the year for exploration. Adventure awaits.

ON THE ROAD – Penguin Collection

Do some work

Reflect on what you achieved in 2014, your proudest moments and things you might have improved on. Reflection gives us a good idea of our limits and possibilities and sets us in good stead to map out our goals, and how we’re going to achieve them, in the year ahead.

DO SOME WORK – Helen Ingham

Love the things you have

Take inspiration from Do The Green Thing’s motto to live in a less selfish, less consumptive, more imaginative and more sustainable way.


Take time out

We all need time to sit still and think, so why not take up Yoga, go for an evening stroll, or swap your 5 minute snooze button for watching the sunrise with a cup of tea; there is beauty to be found in allowing ourselves time to ponder.

TAKE FIVE – Anthony Peters

Let the stars light the night

Switch off the lights, gaze at the night’s sky and find inspiration in space.

LET THE STARS – Rebecca Charlton

Mix it up

So you always go the same route to work? Buy your food from the same supermarket? Drink your coffee from the same mug? Try something new. Remember, variety is the spice of life.

MIX IT UP – Jeremy Harnell

Make your house a home

Make 2015 the year for transforming your home into a place of beauty. Pick a piece of art for each room in your house here. Or be your own interior designer, and collate your inspiration through Pinterest moodboards. And remember to follow William Morris’ golden rule quoted in the print.


Reduce your energy bills

Put on more layers and turn down heating; a simple formula for reducing your energy consumption, with the added bonus of increased cuddliness.

HOT – Dean Chalkley

Get creative in the kitchen

Avoid the mid-week pasta-pesto trap and promise to try one new recipe every week. You’ll quickly build your repertoire of delicious dishes to impress friends and family.

COOK OFTEN – Ana Zaja Petrak

Don’t sweat the small stuff

If everything gets too much, let your hair down and dance around your living room. Life’s too short to stress.

KEEP CALM AND PARTY ON – The Vintage Collection

Swap the car for your legs

Don’t fall back on public transport or your car for convenience.  Opt for walking whenever you can, not only will it keep you fit – you’ll discover more places and see more things.

WALK THIS WAY – Vaughan Oliver

Do one thing everyday that scares you

Take up singing, ask for that promotion, or go on a blind date, whatever it is – be brave and live on the wild side.

THE WILD SIDE – Anthony Peters

Get healthy

Swap Granny Smith apples for kale and apple smoothies, swap chips for sweet potato mash and toast for yoghurt and berries. Who said getting your five-a-day has to be boring?

LA FRUTTA – Ana Zaja Petrak

Look for inspiration

Don’t expect inspiration to find you, seek ideas and creativity from your surroundings. Be it nature, friends, art, books, the city skyline – inspiration is everywhere you just need to look.

MENU – Stephen Anthony Davids

Make the best of life

Life’s not always plain sailing, so when you’re thrown a curveball employ your powers of imagination to see how you can get the best from the situation.



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