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2019 Art trends for interiors


In 2019, home decor promises something bigger, bolder and more expressive than we’ve seen in recent years. Whatever your interior style, be inspired by design trends to refresh your walls with art.

1. The New Neutrals

Rolling Down Highway 99 by Ele PackComposition 42 by Inaluxe and Pool and Rock by Adrian Bradbury.

For the past few years, grey and white dominated interiors but now a new neutral colour palette is influencing designs for the natural home. Think creamy cashmeres, off-whites, diluted mints, soft pinks and lilac hues. Our selection of muted abstracts by contemporary artists such as Ele Pack and Adrian Bradbury are a perfect fit for this trend but that’s not to forget the iconic colourists like Rothko and Turner. These prints accessorise perfectly with the popular wave of rattan furnishings and add a sense of harmony to your home.

2. Pantone Living Coral

The Mesopotamian Maze No.1, 2017 by Hormazd Narielwalla

Confirmed as the colour of the year by Pantone Colour Institute, Living Coral is described as: “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energises and enlivens with a softer edge.” This is a colour that rises from the reef and into our homes and we expect the nautical theme will take off alongside scalloped furniture, scaled textures and wavy designs.

3. The Dark Side

Gravity by Reign Reign & Hail

Take a walk on the dark side with this aesthetic that’s going from strength to strength. Match inky blue walls with rich dark prints to make a statement that exudes sophistication. Try Rothko for an iconic print saturated in colour or a black and white photograph from our National Portrait Gallery collection.

4. Down to Earth

The Black Jamaica Pine by William Hooker, Citrus Aurantium by Antonio Targioni-Tozzetti, Soft Fruit Growing and Country Life by Penguin Books.

With an increasing demand for responsible products, earthy neutral colour palettes are becoming more popular as we welcome air-cleansing greenery into our homes. Explore our botanical prints and floral designs, framed in sustainably managed wood with 100% recyclable glazing and handmade in England.   

5. Art Deco Revival

Vogue 20 March 1929 by Pierre Mourgue

Art deco styles are on the rise in London’s most lavish interiors such as Sketch, Annabelle’s and Selfridge’s Brasserie of Light. This classic style is about decadence, rounded shapes, metallic colours and a touch of glamour. Check out our Vogue archives for some vintage prints and our Art Deco collection.

6. Oversized

The New World Festival, 1982 by David Hockney

Be bold and think big. Extra large framed prints look impressive hanging from large walls or propped on shelves. Discover our illustrious Rare & Limited editions including artists such as VeeBee, Hodgkin and Pollock.

7. Lagom

Moonlight Assembly by Inaluxe

This Scandinavian term meaning not too much, nor too little, is all about balance and can be translated into interior design. Consider the beautiful simplicity of Picasso and Matisse’s line art or the organic shapes and harmonious colour palettes of folksy designs by Giggenbach and Inaluxe.

8. Iconic artists pre-1900

Red Fuji: South Wind, Clear Dawn by Katsushika Hokusai

From period dramas like The Crown to Victoria Beckham’s Old Masters exhibition in her fashion store, Britain loves a touch of drama. The traditional portraits and landscapes found in stately manors are now entering every day homes. Explore our National Gallery collection and the works of pre-1900 iconic artists.

9. Painterly Abstracts

Ukiyo & The Honeybees are Dancing by Ele Pack

Consider what colours and forms evoke within you and make a sweeping statement with an abstract expressionist design. Explore the modern masters like Miro and Hepworth or contemporary artists like bluebellgray and Fedyk.

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