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Gain interior colour confidence using art


Choosing an art print should be the most pleasurable part of adding the finishing touches to your decor but is often a common pain point. Melanie Lissack is an interior design blogger, DIY enthusiast and colour expert. Read her living room reveal featuring King & McGaw art prints and her advice on being confident in styling with colour by using art to set the tone for your interiors.

How to choose colourful art for your home

Blush by Elizabeth O’Connor. Image by Melanie Lissack

If you take a quick scan of my Instagram account you'll see that I do not shy away from using colour in my home. You'll find doors painted in teal blues, upcycled cabinets painted pink and a bright orange chesterfield sofa. I wasn't always this confident with colour in my decor choices. Like most people, I was afraid to paint a room one block colour and I shied away from making furniture purchases in bold hues in case I regretted it (always going with the safe, grey fabric option.) It took time to build the courage to become colour confident with my interiors, and the first step to doing it was by introducing colour in my home via bold prints and striking framed art.

Unlike large furniture purchases or doing a weeks' worth of decorating, there in no binding commitment when it comes to inexpensive, bright, bold, colourful art. You can put it up, take it down, or move it to another room. Colourful art is also excellent if you rent and are unable to change your wall colour. Most landlords tend to paint rooms in muted tones to make a space appear bigger (and justify those rental prices), but with the right prints you can trick the eye into thinking you have a vibrant, modern interior scheme.

So, just how do you choose the right pieces that add a much-needed injection of colour into your home? It's not just about adding in something bright. In order to make a colourful interior scheme coherent, there are a few other considerations to bear in mind...

Consider size & layout

Do you want to have one large statement piece on a wall, or a collection of smaller pieces? A statement piece makes a huge impact and can feel more formal and sophisticated, while a collection of smaller prints feel more casual and can be used to disguise less aesthetic features in a room, such as a TV.

In my living room I chose this large artwork piece titled 'Blush' by Elizabeth O'Connor from King & McGaw as there was already a lot going on in the room with the collection of curiosities on the shelving. I felt a large-scale print would make more of an impression.

Blush by Elizabeth O’Connor. Image by Melanie Lissack

Think about accent colours

It is important to consider what colours are featured in a piece of art, rather than just choosing something because it is colourful. What colours speak to you and reflect your taste and style? Do you prefer punky neons or more soothing pastel shades? By choosing art in your preferred colour palette, it is more likely to complement future furnishings, colours or wallpapers that you bring into your decor scheme going forward.

I chose this Vogue print from King & McGaw (see image below) as I loved the soft lilacs and light blues contained within the picture. When I choose new flowers for the kitchen table each week, I tend to pick flowers in my favourite pastel hues which in turn will continue to complement this print.

Vogue December 1968 by Cecil Beaton from the Vogue collection.

Consider the style

As well as colour, it is important to pick art that suits your taste and style. Are you someone who leans towards a more retro look? If so, colourful heritage art prints and posters would suit your home (which essentially should be a reflection of you). UK framed art and print manufacturers King & McGaw sell a wide range of vintage art prints such as London Underground posters from the twentieth century and old Penguin book covers thanks to their exclusive partnerships with world-renowned collections. Alternatively, If you have a more modern taste then you may favour contemporary or abstract art featuring geometric shapes and colour-blocking.

Here is a selection of fabulous colour-pop prints:

Using art as a starting or end point to a decor scheme

Art can be used as the inspiration for a whole decor scheme, or it can be the thing that ties a scheme together. You may find a piece of art that you love and use the colours featured within the picture to build on your decor through soft furnishings and wall colour choices. Or, if your room is decorated and just needs those final touches on the walls, you can choose art to compliment the colours already in the room.

Image by Melanie Lissack

The base colours of my living room are light blue and blush pink with gold accents. Blush was therefore the perfect choice of art for this scheme as it contains all these colours as part of its make-up. The smaller spots of light blue connect to the wall colour, the pink matches the soft furnishings and the bronze ties in with the metals and the light browns of the Pampas Grass.

Image by Melanie Lissack

Once you've picked a few colourful prints and lived with them on your walls for a while, I can guarantee that you'll fall in love with how the colours make you feel when you enter the room. You can then take the next step by bringing in soft furnishings such as cushions, rugs and throws in more vivid tones. Before long you'll be painting the walls with colour confidence and opting for the vibrant fabric option with your furniture and window furnishings! I can't believe the change in my home just through building my confidence with colour through art!

Melanie Lissack is the creator of and the stunning Instagram account @melanielissackinteriors. Follow her blog for ingenious DIY tips, interior styling advice and a fresh flower arrangement each week!

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