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Artist Story: VeeBee


‘Pointing the nozzle over a delicate piece that I have been working on for days or weeks is a terrifying, but truly thrilling moment for me. Sometimes it takes several attempts to achieve the finish I desire. I have had pieces that took over eighteen months to complete, but normally the process takes around four to eight weeks, depending on the complexity of the design.’

VeeBee is a contemporary artist living and working in Brighton. She creates mixed media and collage pieces, inspired by pop and urban art themes. Her favourite medium is spray paint, enjoying the challenge of exploring new and inventive techniques, and the process of surrendering control. We catch up with VeeBee to discuss her inspiration and share her experience of life as an artist.

Have you always been creative since childhood, or did you discover your talent later?

I’ve been drawing since I was under 1 year old. The first thing I ever drew was a mosquito which looked more like an alien octopus!

Did you go to art college? 

I did. And I wish I hadn’t. The key moment for me was when I decided to leave! It was an utter waste of time. I believe experience is much more useful when it comes to art rather than education. Many of the greatest artists of all times never even got accepted to art colleges…

Have you ever done any other jobs before you became a full time artist?

Yes. All sorts of jobs! Retail, hospitality, care, catering .. And I’m glad I did. It’s all life experience.

“If I wasn’t an artist I’d be…”  

It’s impossible for me not to be creative. It’s the way my brain works. But if art didn’t exist in any shape or form, I’d probably work with animals or plants. I’m obsessed with both. I literally have a jungle in my living room!

Describe a working day - any daily rituals? 

I wake up. Feed my cat 'NooNoo' and myself, start work. I get home, feed my cat and myself, a bit of playing and then back to work again. Same thing the next day. Im a total workaholic!

When is your most productive time of day? 

After midnight!

Where do you work?

I work in the studio in the day and home at night.

Do you play music whilst you work, or prefer silence? 

I love silence. But when I’m doing tedious tasks such as cutting stencils, its either music or I listen to the sound of crime documentaries on youtube!

What materials do you use?

Mostly spray paints. But I experiment a lot with a very wide range of materials.

Do you have a favourite piece of work of yours? 

My new fav is “ Sing Me a Rainbow” original painting on glass.

What other artists inspire you?

Yayoi Kusama

What art do you hang on your walls at home? 

Unfortunately my landlord doesn’t approve of hanging anything on the walls! But I do have a large collection of artworks that are mostly in my studio. I’m addicted to buying art.

Any key ambitions or goals you still have on your to-do list? 

To buy Neverland.

What are the challenges in being an artist now? 

For me there is no challenge. I love every moment of it and I am so grateful that I don’t have to do a boring office job.

How would you describe the life of an artist in less than 5 words?

The most satisfying life ever.

What advice would you give to younger artists just starting out?

It’s all about practice and experiment.

Social Media - heaven or hell? 

I really don’t have enough free time to engage in social media on a daily basis. I try to post my new works every now and then. But I’m incredibly lazy about it. I do like scrolling down random instagram pictures for a few minuets at bedtime though.

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