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The bestselling prints right now


Enjoy a definitive guide to the art prints our customers are loving right now. From vintage and photographic to rare and contemporary designs, there is something for every taste. Drum roll please!

1. All is Pretty by Andy Warhol

All is Pretty by Andy Warhol. Image: @nest_twenty_eight

Andy Warhol’s All is Pretty retains its place at the top of the charts for the third year running. The minimal typographic print was designed by Swedish graphic designer John Melin for Warhol’s first European exhibition at Moderna Museet, Stockholm in 1968. In recent years it has become a firm favourite from the influence of scandi design and the rise of the mid-century modern aesthetic. Complete the collection with I Never Read, I Like Boring Things and In the Future.

2. Indigo Rock 17 by Jen Garrido

Indigo Rock 17 by Jen Garrido. Image: @ouroak

Jen Garrido is inspired by shapes found in nature, which she transforms into delicate artworks in watercolour and acrylic paint. The neutral palette and elegant shapes made Indigo Rock 17 a chart-topper in the abstract collection.

3. Between the Leaves by Emma Brownjohn

Between the Leaves by Emma Brownjohn

Emma Brownjohn’s charming Between the Leaves print captures a familiar and cosy scene of an autumnal dog walk. Unlike her other work which is full of people, the shedding leaves reminds us of the beauty of nature all around in moments of solitude.

4. Ogon Cacao - 1956 - One Eye by Olle Eksell

Ogon Cacao - 1956 - One Eye by Olle Eksell. Image: @loves_leeds_homes

In his own world of abstract fantasy, Olle Eksell created Ogon Cacao-1956-One Eye, a minimal design with iconic all-seeing eyes. This print – originally commissioned by the Swedish chocolate manufacturer Mazetti – had its eyes on a lot of rooms this year.

5. Destination - New York City by Nick Cranston

Destination - New York City by Nick Cranston. Image: @nest_twenty_eight

One of the most recognisable prints of the year, Destination - New York City from Nick Cranston’s vintage luggage label collection appeared in the homes of prominent interior design bloggers. Discover your favourite city in our bestselling travel collection.

6. Seagrass by Lesley Birch

Seagrass by Lesley Birch

Splashy coastal paintings are very popular this year including ‘Seagrass’ by the Scottish painter Lesley Birch who can be found painting and sketching in the outdoors before creating her art in her studio in Yorkshire.

7. South Uist Cottage by Ron Lawson

South Uist Cottage by Ron Lawson

Ron Lawson's style embodies his environment of the Scottish landscape where he grew up. The muted colour palette and simplicity of his landscapes are timeless. Lawson’s prints such as Tiree Cottage remained popular and customers welcomed his new collection which included Ardmhor Barra and Traig Mhor Barra.

8. Going to Work, 1959 by L S Lowry

Going to Work, 1959 by L S Lowry

We love Lowry’s distinct British style seen in his paintings of industrial scenes during the mid twentieth century. Although all of Lowry’s prints are hugely popular, the brighter colours and movement in Going to Work captures that familiar morning rush of English city life.

9. Le Chien by Pablo Picasso

Le Chien by Pablo Picasso

Although Picasso’s artwork spans multiple mediums and artistic movements, his simpler line drawings remain some of his most popular work for the home interior this year. If you liked the minimalist aesthetic of Le Chien then you’ll love the rest of Picasso’s animal prints such as Le Pingouin, Le Flamand rose and Le Hibou.

10. Quiet Moorings by Hannah Cole

Quiet Moorings by Hannah Cole

Hannah Cole’s tranquil paintings capture the unmistakable charm of the Cornish coast. The peaceful harbour town in Quiet Moorings and other artworks such as Sea Cabbages and Surfing paint a picture of a happy and slower pace of living.

11. The Big Sleep by Penguin Books

The Big Sleep by Penguin Books. Image: @vintagecuratorinteriors

The tri-band, colour-coded covers of Penguin books have been popular with story lovers and design visionaries all year round. Find your favourite modern classic such as The Great Gatsby or A Room of One’s Own or choose a meaningful cover like The Big Sleep and Together.

12. For the Zoo, Book to Regent's Park, 1921 by Charles Paine

For the Zoo, Book to Regent's Park, 1921 by Charles Paine

Designed by the leading graphic designers, illustrators and artists of the 20th century, our London Transport Museum collection holds wonderful momentos of London’s past. For the Zoo, Book to Regent’s Park by Charles Paine is a popular vintage print for its bright colours and art deco design.

13. Aerial Drift by Fintan Whelan

Aerial Drift by Fintan Whelan

Fintan Whelan’s artwork is often described as an explosion of organic shapes, a beautiful interplay of colour and space and a window into another dimension. Aerial Drift is all of the above and more and that's why you love it so much! We recommend buying Whelan’s prints in a large size which resemble the originals. Read our blog, In the Studio with Fintan Whelan.

14. American Flamingo by John James Audubon

American Flamingo by John James Audubon. Image: @ourchichome

American Flamingo was one of the 25 new bird species discovered by the ornithologist, naturalist, and painter John James Audubon. We’ve loved seeing this print hang in all types of interiors, from glamorous rooms decked in gold and blush tones to modern kitchens and traditional country bungalows.

15. Seafield by bluebellgray

Seafield by bluebellgray

Fi Douglas, the founder of Scottish home interiors company bluebellgray, paints fresh and modern designs inspired by a love of colour and all things floral. Seafield and other popular works such as Mode and Stornoway are captivating prints to lose yourself in a world of colourful design.

And that’s a wrap! We can’t wait to see what artwork inspires you next.

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