A serendipitous discovery This remarkable collection of sheet music from the early 19th century to 1970s, came close to destruction on a couple of occasions if it hadn’t been for the efforts of Mark Rowles, a former employee of Chappell Music. In 1980, as the renowned music publisher was relocating from the offices they had … Continue reading Spotlight on Art Inspired By Music →

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A new artist to the Easyart site is Sussex-based Bridget Davies. Davies’ work is a very fashionable take on the Cool Britannia trend.  With a background in fashion and textiles, Bridget’s passion for style really shines through in her work, and some of her figural pieces show her influence from fashion illustrations. Of her own work, Davies says: Drawing, … Continue reading Bridget Davies: Stylish Britannia →

Leonardo Da Vinci hysteria has been fully unleashed this week, with the start of Leonardo Da Vinci: Painter at the court of Milan, which started on Wednesday 9 November at The National Gallery, which has seen astounding advance ticket sales. However, it’s Leonardo’s most famous painting, the Mona Lisa, permanently housed behind bullet-proof glass in … Continue reading Leonardo Da Vinci – Mona Lisa →


Niagara Detroit has sung with punk bands such as Destroy All Monsters (D.A.M.) and Dark Carnival since 1974 and used her art-school background to create album artwork for the bands she’s performed with. In 1996, the artist teamed up with a local Detroit gallery, CPop, and started work on the ‘Niagara Girls’ series. Just as the popularity … Continue reading Spotlight on Niagara Detroit →

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Queen of comic tweets and Easyart Academy artist, Elizabeth O’Connor studied across a range of art disciplines in Nottingham. Her work with ceramics and admiration for the forces of nature inform her canvases. Personally, they remind me of explosions, molten lava and the marbling that you find in the inside covers of 19th Century novels. Elizabeth was … Continue reading Spotlight on Elizabeth O’Connor →

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Banksy, supposedly born in 1974, produces street art that captures the spirit of the times so well. As the world slides further into turmoil, images like this are poignant in light of the recent London riots of August 2011. Despite the gritty urban landscape forming the backdrop to the majority of his work, Banksy also produces … Continue reading Spotlight on Banksy →

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Since graduating in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art in 2005, Louise Cunningham has worked as a freelance illustrator. She recently relocated to her new home-studio in Bristol. By combining ink drawings with painted paper collages, she creates images with multi-layered textures that pulsate with positive energy. Louise has mainly worked in the greeting card … Continue reading Spotlight on Louise Cunningham →

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