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Alex Tennant art prints and posters

My art images represent the tension between man and nature, dreamy range of colours, fresh and vibrant. Style watercolour niave and impressionist, environmental and social themes predominate, versatile can be hung on the wall as posters, to uplift your mood and inspire.

Artist self taught my art work is the product of over 15 years of dedication to the media I love. I am constantly developing new art works to showcase in my web gallery. I have been heavily influenced by such iconic greats Turner, Renoir, Gaugin, Manet, and Whistler. A good blend of colour with an emphasis on my figures merging harmoniously with their surroundings to draw your eyes to the whole of the scene being portrayed is important. The visual message I am trying to get across is one of wholism with every part of my picture composition projecting balance unity, and a visual theme of interest. Enjoy!

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