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All About The Image-Graham Smith Photography art prints and posters

Grahams aim at AllAboutTheImage is to produce quality, affordable artwork for everyone to enjoy. A London commercial photographer by trade, he has relocated to The Gower, Swansea and is enjoying the freedom to create imagery he loves alongside commissioned work in London and the South West.

Graham discovered photography while at art school in 1990, and found it a medium by which to produce visually what he could not achieve through conventional art forms. During his extensive training, Graham specialised in Advertising photography, learning Old School craft alongside Cutting Edge technology. He has worked as a professional photographer, for over 10 years, with a number of leading London agencies, gaining wide experience in commercial photography. Combining this with his highend Digital skills, he creates imagery for local projects and major global advertising campaigns. Working both commercially and artistically allows him the freedom to produce imagery to his own high standards.