Bill Thornton art prints and posters

Bill Pat Thornton moved to Pembrokeshire after Bill was made redundant .Pat had always painted but Bill only took it up when he started sitting in for Pat in the afternoons at a little art shop Pat had opened in Cardiff. He figured he could do as well as some who had tendered art to be sold on commission and found, to his surprise, he could paint and sell them.
The move to Pembrokeshire was inspired by the great scenery and light of the area and the opinion that Cardiff was getting too big and congested.Originally from Merseyside, Bill delights in painting the tugs the great cargoliners of the 50s 60s especially the Alfred Holt line China Boats of his home port of Birkenhead although he mainly does local landscape and some animalbird studies the market for Mersey Marine is not that large ! Bill works in Acrylic Pastel and Pat in watercolour, sometimes with penline. Bill may post some marine items later if there is a demand for his work.
Bill Thornton

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