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Brian McGlenn art prints and posters

Hello and a warm welcome to you all, thank you for taking an interest my artwork. I am a self taught artist from Derbyshire England, being self taught has enabled me to create my own style of working without being restricted by boundaries or expectations. I get inspiration for my art from the world around me, my imagination and the crazy politics of it all. I like to experiment and am constantly changing my style. My main subjects seem to be people and animals which I cant shake off. I hope you like my work and please feel free to email me if you have any questions. The process of creating art, can be both time consuming and expensive, so I have tried to make my artwork as affordable as possible by having printed versions available for sale. The printed versions that I produce have been created by myself by using a computer paint program and a photo editing program. I will be adding and removing work from time to time so my pages on this website should be constantly changing and hopefully this will be interesting for both you and me, once again many thanks for your visit and please come back again.

Best Wishes


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