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Charles Edwin Fripp art prints and posters

Charles Edwin Fripp was born in London in 1854. In his childhood, he was influenced particularly by his father, George, who was a famous landscape artist, and he studied art both at Nürnberg and at the Royal Academy in Munich.

After his education, Fripp made a living as an illustrator working in London and spent many years covering wars in Southern Africa, including the Zulu, Boer and Matabele conflicts. As well as his time in Southern Africa, he also covered a number of other foreign wars, including the conflict between Japan and China in 1894-95 and the Philippine insurrection of 1899.

Fripp also held a commission in the Artist’s Rifles for 13 years and he is chiefly known today for his painting of the Battle of Isandhlwana, which was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1885. Charles Edwin Fripp died in 1906.