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Art prints & frames, handmade in England since 1982

Christine Comyn art prints and posters

Christine Comyn used to teach at the Municipal Academy of Art in Tielt, Belgium, until her first exhibition in 1983. This was just the beginning of a successful career as a professional artist.

From individual exhibitions and art fairs in Belgium, Christine Comyn's artwork has won many prizes and with that has come international recognition for her unique and atmospheric watercolour paintings.

The subjects of her work are always figurative, mostly young women in tranquil, reflective poses. This is due to Christine Comyn's love of creating an expression and a character for each individual she paints; also because of the varying compositions which can be made from figurative paintings.

Christine Comyn also enjoys the challenge of experimenting with water and paint. Often there are parts of her paintings where the white underground is kept visible. These unworked parts serve to determine the composition and emphasise the light of her images. Additionally, the transparency of the different colour levels upon the white spaces gives her paintings a quality of vitality and freshness, which ensures that her watercolour paintings are in great demand. Christine Comyn still lives and works in Belgium.