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About This Print

Including all Versions there are over 500 images in my Digital POP collection...
In this Series I have deliberately kept any sense of 'The Artist' to a minimum - I like art which is 'Artist Free'...
My Digital POP series relies heavily upon geometry as well as colour. I use a variety of stylised angles, shapes and areas in the works - particularly Fields, Wands, Steles, Grilles, Lines, Nodes, Mists, Planes, Bristle Coins, Spirals, Threads, Globes and Kalabi Yau Manifolds.

The arcane nature of geometries and their relationships adds another dimension to the works. I also use non-traditional positioning and focal lengths in the arrangements of my geometries Overlaps, Edge-Offs, Negations, Anti-Alignments, Bluurs, Slides, Rotations, and 3D Attributes among the most frequent. These effects are mainly used to indicate that what the viewer is seeing is part of a WORLD, rather than a complete Object like icebergs, there is more which is not seen than is seen.

All images contained on this website are copyrighted property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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