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Painter and sculptor Dronma was born in Glasgow in 1947 and was brought up and educated in the city. She studied at the Glasgow School of Art and subsequently took up a teaching career, becoming Art Director of the Glasgow Arts Centre.

Painting was Dronma’s first love, and one of her earliest memories is of being given a stool and watercolour materials and sitting beside her father, learning to paint.

She works in a number of different media but prefers above all to paint in oil on canvas, although her degree was actually taken in sculpture. However, as soon as she finished her studies she returned to painting and believes that she took this decision because of her great love of colour and the lack of opportunity to explore that love via the medium of sculpture.

Dronma’s vivid landscapes have gained her a fine reputation amongst contemporary Scottish painters as a modern colourist. In particular, she loves to paint colourful beach scenes.

Dronma has been a Tibetan Buddhist since 1976. Her unusual name is in fact her Tibetan Buddhist name and part of her artistic commitment to the religion takes the form of creating Tibetan thanka paintings, which also utilise her grounding in graphic design.

Dronma’s work has been exhibited all over the United Kingdom and her Tibetan thankas form a permanent collection at the Scottish Retreat Centre at Balquidder.

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