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Still Life with Grapes, Apples, Plums and a Birds Nest

Art print by Edward Ladell #431186

About the artist

The exact dates of Edward Ladell’s life are not known. He may have been born in Colchester in 1821 but he flourished as an artist between 1856 and 1886.

A still life painter, he lived in Colchester, Essex, and exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1856 and 1886 and at the British Institute and at the Society of British Artists in Suffolk Street.

Ladell was faithful to the same props over and over again. His work featured fruit, flowers and sometimes a bird's nest, a casket or a carved mug and other objects on a marble ledge draped with an oriental rug.

Despite his popularity during the 19th and 20th centuries, little is known of Ladell's life. He was married to Ellen, who painted in a style so similar to that of her husband's that the pair must undoubtedly have collaborated on many pictures. His work was frequently exhibited at the Royal Academy during his lifetime. Ladell died in 1886, in Exeter.

Edward Ladell