Valley of the Stags

Framed art print by Elizabeth Halstead
Framed print, 62 x 88 cm

The Artist

Elizabeth Halstead

Elizabeth Halstead was born in the West Riding of Yorkshire to a Canadian father and an English mother. After emigrating to Canada at the age of 19, she worked and travelled across the country painting the wildlife and spectacular scenery. Upon returning to England she settled down for a few years but returned to Canada in 1974 where she worked and trained as a professional artist, selling her work exclusively to a gallery in Ontario.

In 1982 she returned to England with her family and has steadily built up her career in this country. She paints mainly natural history subjects and misty landscapes in both water-colour and oils; her style is very detailed and she tries to introduce both atmosphere and drama into her work.

In the course of the last few years she has had many successful exhibitions around the country, including one in Charing Cross, London, where the British Falconers Club of Great Britain invited her to exhibit at their 60th Anniversary. She also works as a freelance designer and has done work for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and for the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

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