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Frank Jensen art prints and posters

Frank Jensen was born in Denmark in 1956 and has been passionate about art from a very young age. Finding his first teacher in his father, a painter and violinist, he went on to study art at the School of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, where he held major one-man exhibitions in 1988 and 1989.

Working as an illustrator across Denmark and the United States, Frank Jensen went on to travel the world before settling down in Barcelona in 1991. His first artistic steps in Spain were in the field of illustration, with work appearing in newspapers, magazines and books. In particular, his work as an illustrator for El Periódico y el Avui during the past few years has made the name of Frank Jensen very well known in Spain. During the last decade, Frank Jensen has dedicated himself to painting, with over 15 one-man shows and numerous group exhibitions across Spain and Denmark.

He works in a wide variety of formats, using many different techniques and unorthodox materials (for example, marble dust) to create the extraordinary sense of texture and depth which are a feature of his harmonious and tranquil abstract works.