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Ian Rickard aka Rick'D art prints and posters

Art and creativity is about communication. After all when early men first scrawled on the walls of a cave one of the main purposes was to invoke an experience. When the first minstrel gave song it was to try and create the feeling of being in someone else shoes. Maybe it is this empathy in art that allows it to cross boundaries easier than more rationalized forms of communication. Maybe art is just as much trying to find the message as it is trying to convey the message. Ultimately if you can make another person feel different, even for a little while, youre probably doing something right.

One way or another I have been trying to create something for most of the 36 years of my life. Whether its trying to fix things, drawing cartoons and comics or creating 3D models and animation for the computer game industry it all comes comes to the same thing trying to make things work.

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