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Art print by Jackson Pollock #134214

About the artist

Born in Wyoming in 1912, Jackson Pollock was one of the key figures of the Abstract Expressionist movement in post-War America.

Renowned for his “Action Paintings”, Pollock rejected oils in favour of household paints, which he dripped and splattered onto the canvas from above. Pollock wanted to achieve an unplanned and accidental expression that became known as ‘pure painting’.

These prints are full of vitality and make fantastic framed artworks or large canvases that can transform a room.

Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock


ANNA W. Verified

3 months ago

The print is lovely! Exactly how I imagined. The customer service was superb with swift delivery.

Trevor M. Verified

I have long been fascinated by Pollock's paintings but originals are seldom displayed in Britain. This reproduction is a very adequate compensation. The print is sturdily and attractively framed. I had the advantage of a discount which made it an even more attractive purchase.

Paul F. Verified

well presented print together with suitable frame