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Art prints & frames, handmade in England since 1982

Jen Kirstein art prints and posters

Jen Kirstein was born and raised in Arizona and recalls being drawn to colour, shape and form from the very point at which her memory begins. She pursued an education in the arts by attending Arizona State University and graduated with an emphasis in both the graphic design and fine art programmes.

Kirstein expresses an appreciation for a diverse range of movements in art history, but has been particularly influenced by the artists and concepts that were cultivated from the Renaissance. She feels a passionate connection to this period for the attention to ornament and detail conveyed by the artists of the era. She has carried the techniques of enhancing designs with complex layers of embellishment into her own work by applying age-old patterned intricacies. The artist also has great admiration for the work of such masters as Monet, Sargent and Bouguereau.

Jen Kirstein thrives in the forte of piecing together a collection of decorative elements to create one magnificent whole. Each piece of her work tells a story of a time long forgotten, with textured adornment and opulence. Kirstein’s intent is to create overall attraction by focusing on building a gradation of detail from the subtle background to the apparent foreground. Elaborate colour schemes brought together both to complement and generate interest are carefully selected to craft a delicate balance of modernism and antiquity. Gilded relics combined with elegant floral patterned backgrounds impart a mood of sophistication and poise while windows to the West Indies allow the viewer to escape to a secret tropical hideaway.

The artist enjoys the freedom of her leisure time by embracing the serenity of sailing. Peaceful moments on the water are an opportunity to reflect and always full of creative inspiration. Kirstein says of her own artistic process, "I like to bring out the subtleties in texture and detail until they come into full view – generating excitement when closely observed."