Jennifer Woodward art prints and posters

Jennifer has been exploring photography for the past four years and is completely self-taught in both photography and fine art. She began taking nature photographs with her mobile phone and (a few cameras later) now uses a Canon 500D.

Back in the early days, a whole new world of creativity was discovered in the digital darkroom where Jennifer could combine her love of fine art with her new found passion for photography. Jennifer now specialises in digital art, mainly in the form of composite works using her own photography, and occasionally, stock photography.

Jennifer loves immersing herself in nature taking photos while out with her dog, Harpur (in between throwing sticks of course!).

Jennifer currently resides in Derbyshire, but dreams of one day living by the coast where she feels at her most inspired and creative.

Jennifer's work is frequently described as being "dreamy" and has hit the popular pages on many online art sites, and also won numerous competitions.

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