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Art prints & frames, handmade in England since 1982

John Sargent Noble art prints and posters

John Sargent Noble was born in 1848. He was a painter of sporting and equestrian subjects and studied at the Royal Academy Schools, moving on to become a pupil of Landseer.

He worked actively from 1847 to 1898, and between 1871 and 1895 he exhibited at the Royal Academy. He was elected a member of the Royal Society of British Artists in 1872 and one year later he exhibited Otter Hunting on the River Lowther, Westmoreland at Suffolk Street. This work was painted in collaboration with Walter Foster and proved to be such a success that they worked together again on Partridge Shooting and Wild Duck Shooting, painted in 1886 and then on Forager's Return which was exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists in 1876.

Noble also collaborated with J.C.Waite on two paintings which were exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists in 1885.