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Art prints & frames, handmade in England since 1982

Jonathan Darby art prints and posters

Despite being expelled from a Rudolf Steiner School in Hertfordshire without A-level qualifications, Jonathan was offered an unconditional place at Central Saint Martins, London, and in 2008 graduated with a BA Honours degree in Fine Art.

Jonathan’s artistic concern deals with people in a cultural context where innocence and the vulnerable have been impacted by forces of social, economic and political change. His focus is on children and how their experiences may have severe consequences for them and their society. Jonathan has been working with children's charities and is increasingly furthering this course of action.

Contrasting elements of softness and beauty against severe brutalities, Jonathan's paintings are both seductive and harsh in their subject and technique. Using an array of different media with two and three dimensional elements, the paintings consist of smooth layers of paint contrasting with rough, reworked textures. Several shows at Signal and exhibitions in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver have confirmed his international appeal.