Jonathan Pollock art prints and posters

Photography came into my life as a teenager being influenced by publications such as the National Geographic Magazine and work produced by Hipgnosis, the British Design Group, responsible for album covers such as those by Pink Floyd. Considering the equipment the photographers were using then, as we are now so used to digital and photoshop, it meant that their technique was perfected to a point. And we can go back further to the likes of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Beaton and Irving Penn, to name but a few, all great photographers!

From there I obtained my first job as an assistant in London and a few years later, set up studio in Farringdon, London. My studio is now in Wandsworth and is fully equipped to shoot flash, tungsten and daylight, using the latest digital backs. I work with a regular team which includes assistants, stylists, food stylists, model makers and printers, all depending on the nature of the job. This ensures that the job goes through smoothly, efficiently and on budget.

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