Ken Walters art prints and posters

In my art I try to bring together my experiences, skills and emotions. I draw on my experiences, filtered through my emotions and moods and use my skills to paint with light on my pc. I use my own software to translate what I see and feel into still frame images, Ive replaced the brush and pencil with an electronic pen and tablet. Unlike with paint, I can vary the intensity of light in the images to reflect my thinking and emotions. I find it far more liberating and intensive than paint, and I control powerful computing ability to render my imagination into digital reality.

Im 53, disabled, many of my images are now drifting towards my ideas of what our bodies parts look like on the micro scale. By that I mean nerves, cells, the various fibres that hold us together as well as sperm and eggs. This follows on my experiences of 20 years of chronic pain, I try to put those pain impulses into images as well. This brings a unique aspect to my art, an aspect not known or understood by many.

Some of my latest work, reflects my interest in engineering. I call it straight line art, you may be amazed by how curvy straight line art can be.

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