Li de B. art prints and posters

Passionately fond of lines, colours, matters since her childhood, Li spent all her spare time painting, drawing, or moulding things with clay at the streams and then letting them dry in the sunthose passions never left her since then. Grownup, its still by paintbrush she expresses herself, silencing the unavailing, because she loves to think that the stroke of paintbrush is the painters language. Thats the way he sends his words and his colours raise a bridge between his soul and yours.
Li de B. exposes her artwork in her surroundings, but her paintings also have found her way outside of there.
Concerned by the condition of women she often let take part her paintbrushes at those stories. Her last exhibition, called Echec au Roy, was successful, showing by the way that the messages Li de B. made, were heard.

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