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Venetian Veranda

Art print by Lucio Sollazzi #102437

About the artist

Lucio Sollazzi was born in Pavia, Italy, in 1925 and studied with the artist Borgognoni, attending Milan’s Academia di Brera. He comes from a cultured Italian family. His father combines the roles of businessman, actor and poet, his brother is a jurist and inspired poet and his sister is a respected professor of Italian literature.

Sollazzi devoted his early years to technical studies, business activities, sports and his major hobby, painting. His first works were exhibited in his own orthopaedic supply shops, but received no response at all. He decided that a change of location might be the key, and opened his own gallery - a move which was to prove very profitable. His work attained amazing popularity, so much so that Sollazzi relinquished his business interests to become a professional painter.

Sollazzi's painting follows varied influences, from the great British Romantics to the seventeenth-century Dutch landscape painters, and from Lombard Romanticism to the Venetian landscapists. Lucio Sollazzi is now based in Monte Carlo, and the Mediterranean and Venetian coastlines provide him with much of the inspiration for his contemporary work. Sollazzi calls himself an optimistic painter and always wants his paintings to reflect his own happiness.

Sollazzi now travels constantly, maintaining a studio in Spain as well as his bases in Italy and Monte Carlo. His work is held in the collections of patrons around the world.

Lucio Sollazzi