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Art prints & frames, handmade in England since 1982

Madeleine McClellan art prints and posters

With a degree in illustration, Madeleine McClellan spent twenty years working across magazines, packaging and picture books as an accomplished illustrator. But it was Madeleine's great love of printmaking that lured her away to pursue a career in the medium.

Today, Madeleine creates beautifully dynamic prints, "I delight in the fact that printmaking is such a hands-on and broad medium. I can make energetic ink marks, delicate lines and patterned surfaces and combine them in a collage like effect to create a wonderfully textural print."

The subject matter of Madeleine's work reflects the nature surrounding her rural studio, situated between the South Downs and the coast, "I'm inspired by our landscape, the creatures that inhabit it and the patterns to be found both in natural and man-made objects."

Madeleine's print collection is a true expression of spontaneity, movement and energy.

Madeleine McClellan