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Mike Jupp art prints and posters

One of the Worlds leading Cartoon illustrators, Mike Jupp is an English cartoonist, creature designer, caricaturist, illustrator C.G.I trad. scriptwriter and author.

Jupp created and artdirected the long running 52 x 22 minutes award winning ITV series, THE DREAMSTONE Central Television which he subsequently followed with his BIMBLES BUCKET HTV 26 x 22 minutes.

His I LOVE... series of Jigsaw Puzzle cartoons, originally for Waddingtons, and now produced by Gibsons Games, are internationally famous for their intricate detail of mayhem and disaster!

Although he can draw most things, From curtains to a Giro cheque his favourite subjects are animals and aircraft.

Among owners of JuppArt are both Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

Mike Jupp lives with his teenage daughter and a very large Doberman Pinscher in his home town of Bognor Regis, West Sussex. He still drives the Nimrod, a car he designed back in the 1960s and still loves cider, cigars and pub quizzes!

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