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Up Channel - The 'Lahloo'

Art print by Montague Dawson #102581

About the artist

Montague Dawson (1890-1973) was the son and grandson of marine artists who grew up to become perhaps the greatest marine artist of all time, so successful at his peak that he was rumoured to be one of the two best-paid artists in the world, second only to Picasso. Although he never went to art school, Dawson inherited a flair for painting and in about 1910 joined a commercial art studio in London, where he worked on posters and illustrations. After the First World War he set up as a painter and illustrator, concentrating on historical subjects and portraits of deep-water sailing ships, usually in a stiff breeze and a high sea - earning him the title “king of the clipper-ship school".
Montague Dawson
Montague Dawson