Nikki Rosetti art prints and posters

A British artist working in oils, acrylics and occasionally pastels. Trained in the studios of Joan Wills VPSWA in St Johns Wood, London. Nowadays, living and painting in a working waterside village demands that this influence is included in her work but she is equally likely to paint other subjects in various styles as the subject and mood demands.

Taught in a traditional style of landscape, portraiture and still life which is an essential for further development in more abstract or painterly styles such as that in which she currently works.

She works extensively from photographs and images which are cropped to zoom in on the normally unseen detail, or to see familiar subjects and objects in a new way. These days she is developing a new direction, which focuses on her passion for broken colour. bright, vivid tones and a blurring of detail, applied to many subjects.

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