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Pop Art Art Prints

Pop art places consumer culture in the domain of fine art creating an effect that is both playful and ironic, whilst also asking important questions about what constitutes art. Most prominent of these artists is Andy Warhol who reached superstar status in the 1960s when he began to reproduce popular images from American life such as Campell's soup cans, Elvis Presley and the electric chair. Reflecting the mechanical process in which his art was produced his studio was aptly named The Factory. This hub of bohemia became a home for New York's weird and wonderful, whilst the artist himself continued to explore ideas around celebrity, mass culture and repetition. Moreover, despite the scale of his output, his work continues to sell for staggering prices, reflecting his status as one of the most important figures in modern art. In a similar vein Roy Lichtenstein used the familiarity of comic strip to produce images that were visually striking and immediately appealing. The styles and techniques of pop art continue to be used, seen in both galleries and billboards.