Rakhee art prints and posters

Rakhee is currently based in Bombay, India. Her paintings in oils and a form of stucco, involving intense craftsmanship, include figurative works portraying the beauty and grace of Indian women in ethnic formal attire, to carvings in the form of various kinds of décor. She also creates murals, which range from being contemporary to abstract in style. Landscapes, seascapes, still life, etchings, stippling, nature (flowers, animals, birds), fabric painting, nib painting, drawings & sketches, designs (geometric, floral, ornamental, contemporary), and abstract paintings are other subjects explored by her. Her paintings represent architectural work on canvas, her collection ranging over 14 years. Her works also include different media like water-colours, pastels, acrylics, charcoal, croquil & ink colours, tie & dye and batik (which form the background of the painting), mixed media, etc. Besides, she has also created a significant collection of modern art paintings resembling earthscapes, historic ruins, underwater life, etc.

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