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Apparition of the Face of Aphrodite

Art print by Salvador Dali #83792

About the artist

Salvador Dali was born in 1904 in the small town of Figueres, Spain. Recognised as the greatest exponent of the Surrealist movement, the bizarre visual language of his paintings was reflective of the eccentric image of the artist himself.

Themes of death, sexual symbolism and religion consistently feature in his work and as prints they are as intriguing as they are visually rich. This is art that demands to be noticed, unapologetic images guaranteed to make you smile, frown or keep asking questions.

Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali


Roy G. Verified

Lovely print that was at a very good price. We had a silver frame and I wanted something that went with it and the greys in this print were ideal. It now is mounted in our bathroom and looks great when we come out of the shower. Having a couple of other Dali prints swayed me to this and the colour more than helped.