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Sergio Rubino art prints and posters

Sergio Rubino

ceramist, painter, sculptor

22.10.1948 in Anacapri

1967 Art Institute, Sorrento

1967 1st painting exhibition, Palazzo Cerio, Capri

1968 Academy of Fine Art, Naples

5 year experience as a teacher

exhibitions Naples, Ferrara, Florence, Köln, Stockholm, Paris, Munich, New York, Buenos Aires, Lugano, Silkeborg

1979 upgrading of Piazza Diazz (ceramic benches), Anacapri

1991 moved to New York, workshop and permanent exhibition, Lexington Ave. Manhattan

1993 realization of the 8 huge vases, commissioned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, standing in the complex of the Florentine Gardens, Robert Lehman Foundation

1993 founded the multifunctional Art Centre Rubinos Art Village, Jeffersonville, N.Y. (Catskill National Park)

1996 realized "Capri in Miniatura", Anacapri, with his sons Michelangelo and Raffaello

1996 honoured by the Republic of Italy with the award of Commendatore

2001 project for Theatre Plaza in Aschaffenbug, Germany

2004 realized over 200 ceramic books and panels, "Sentiero dei Fortini" (ECOMUSEUM), Anacapri

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