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Sharon Mick art prints and posters

I started drawing as a teenager. You may recall those art advertisements that were in the guise of a contest. Draw this dog and submit it to our panel of artists and see if you qualify. Of course, every submission was a winner if you could afford the huge price tag to enroll in their correspondence school. Well, my family couldnt afford it so my effort to be an artist was put on the shelf, but not my desire.

In the 80s my husband and I had a flight school in southern Californian. After a student would solo I would paint his or her portrait in whatever aircraft they flew. I sold numerous oil paintings during the late 80s and early 90s under my then name, Sharon Hiser.

The greatest gift for an artist is the beauty that surrounds us daily.

In 2004 my second husband and I moved to Prescott, AZ. I am grateful for all of his support.

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