Stephanie J Brown art prints and posters

Stephanie J Brown creates colourful, abstract, contemporary art to suit modern interiors. Her style has been likened to that of the pop art era, whilst at the same time considered edgy by interior designers. Stephanie J Brown is well known for her on trend colour schemes and contemporary subject matter. Born on 20thSeptember 1968, Stephanie is a blood descendant of Thomas South notorious for his part in the Littleport riots and hung in 1816 for his fight against the injustice of poverty amongst the working classes. Hard work, loyalty and a sense of whats right and wrong have formed the character of Stephanie, who at the age of just 24 formed her own design consultancy, One Vision Ltd, which is still going strong today. Stephanie began her artistic career studying Art Design at The Isle College, UK. Her overriding passion for design and creativity keeps her ideas fresh and her mind constantly thinking of the next innovative and exciting piece of contemporary art.

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