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The Wanderer Above The Sea Of Clouds

Art print by Caspar David Friedrich #108952

About the artist

Caspar David Friedrich is a German painter and key figure in the Romantic Movement. As a landscape painter his works focus on natural beauty and the human experience of it. A theme regularly displayed through showing humans contemplating a scene from nature, with the figures often seen from behind occupying a small space in the image. During the artist’s lifetime he saw appreciation of his work rise and fall, a trend that continued after his death. At present the Friedrich’s reputation is high amongst critics and historians who view his work as an important forbearer to later movements.
Caspar David Friedrich


Sanna c. Verified

8 months ago

I like the poster, value for money, in terms of the size, it is what I expected, the only criticism I have is the text at the bottom of the poster, it ruins the overall affect.