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Eugene Henri Cauchois art prints and posters

Eugene Henri Cauchois was a successful French artist of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, who is still renowned for his beautiful floral subjects. His work is on display in a number of French galleries.

Cauchois was born on February 14th, 1850, and died in Paris at the age of 61. He studied under Duboc and Cabanel, and at the age of 24 he debuted at the Salon.

In 1890 he joined the Society of French Artists, and over the years received three Society awards for his painting: in 1898 he attained third place; in 1900 he received a bronze medal; and in 1904 a second class award.

In later years Cauchois concentrated on decorative painting. His major work of this time was the decoration of a Parisian school room, which he adorned with paintings of many different flowers.