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One, Number 31

Art print by Jackson Pollock #135293

About the artist

Born in Wyoming in 1912, Jackson Pollock was one of the key figures of the Abstract Expressionist movement in post-War America.

Renowned for his “Action Paintings”, Pollock rejected oils in favour of household paints, which he dripped and splattered onto the canvas from above. Pollock wanted to achieve an unplanned and accidental expression that became known as ‘pure painting’.

These prints are full of vitality and make fantastic framed artworks or large canvases that can transform a room.

Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock


Mr Powell . Verified

6 months ago

We were delighted when our print arrived - not only how it adds character to our room, but also the efficiency and quality of service in delivering the print perfectly packaged within just a few days of ordering.

Elizabeth T. Verified

8 months ago

The frame is absolutely perfect, feels very sturdy and looks beautiful. The print is excellent, we are really happy with it. The packaging was very protective and well done, would definitely buy from here again.