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Winter at Taynish Knapdale

Art print by John Lowrie Morrison #418502

About the artist

The work of Scottish painter John Lowrie Morrison focuses on landscapes around Western Scotland, with persistent motifs of boats and houses.

Vibrant in colour they are striking pictures that bring a bright accent to any interior setting.

John Lowrie Morrison
John Lowrie Morrison


Corinne S. Verified

11 months ago

I am delighted with this picture - the colours are strong and it's perfect for our home. I also love the simple frame- all good quality.

Wendy S. Verified

This print was a 70th birthday present for a dear friend who is very fond of Jolomo's work. The choice was difficult but I decided on 'Winter at Taynish' as many of the artist's features appear here - the vivid colours, the ram-shackled cottage, the wonderful sky - complete with sun/moon etc. It was obviously the right decision as when she opened the parcel she shrieked "I LOVE it" many times - there were tears in the eyes of both of us! The print was beautifully presented in a superb frame - great value for money!