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The Fighting Temeraire

Art print by Joseph Mallord William Turner #412851

About the artist

Joseph Mallord William Turner was born in London in 1775 and is regarded as the most important landscape artist of the 19th century. Known as “the painter of light”, Turner was greatly skilled in capturing the turbulent and atmospheric moods of the sea and sky. Turner skillfully captured the power of nature’ power at it’s most serene andmost destructive. With their haunting, ephemeral qualities, these prints have timeless appeal.

Joseph Mallord William Turner
Joseph Mallord William Turner


Linda T. Verified

5 months ago

Bought this as a birthday present. It was exactly as described and I was very pleased with the purchase as was the recipient.

Steven J. Verified

7 months ago

Delivered on time, perfect. What more can you say?

Nick E. Verified

7 months ago

Great service, great product. Will definitely order again.

C. W. Verified

7 months ago

Excellent quality. Packing secure and compact. Very pleased with product

Julie B. Verified

8 months ago

Great prints, good quality and good value.

Wendy L. Verified

8 months ago

I am so happy with my purchase my husband was so happy with his early Xmas present we both can't stop looking at it thank u so much for making it so perfect .

Margaret W. Verified

9 months ago

I beautiful reproduction with excellent value for money.

Alison P. Verified

It was my Husbands Christmas present and he loved it. The picture has pride of place in our living room. It has been beautifully framed and mounted, the frame compliments the lovely colours of the fantastic print by Turner. All in all a great buy!

Michael H. Verified

I have to say I was disappointed with the print itself, although very pleased with the framing and packaging. The colours on the print are nothing like those on your website. The website colours are much lighter, in general, and quite different in other ways.. For example, the general colouring of the sky, above and around the sun, is quite orange in the print but much lighter, and not really orange at all, on your website. Incidentally, the colouring of the print for sale on the National Gallery website is the same, so far I can see, as on your website. In other words, the colouring on your website (and the National Gallery's) is a poor representation of that of the print. I suppose that the colouring on the print is a good representation of that of the original painting (I hope!) and that it may not be possible to reproduce those colours, even approximately, on the web. If this is the case, it must be quite a problem for people like me ordering prints on the web and expecting that the colours on the web are a good representation of those of the original painting.

Lyn H. Verified

Excellent quality print Perfect Christmas present