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Self Portrait, 1925

Art print by L S Lowry #431361

About the artist

Lowry was born in Stretford, Lancashire in 1887, and is best known for his industrial landscapes of the north of England. Peopled with "matchstick men", his paintings were - and remain - a totally unique strand of European art.

Bursting with life and activity, there is huge appeal in these prints; they look wonderful framed simply and are perfect for traditional or contemporary homes alike.

L S Lowry
L S Lowry


Ann E. Verified

6 months ago

Very pleased with it.

Michael R. Verified

7 months ago

Highly delighted in this product and cannot recommend this company enough. Excellent value for money and a first class product. They are the cheapest in the UK and I would say a market leader.

J B. Verified

8 months ago

I wanted a print of a particular painting - a Lowry self-portrait. it was available in several different sizes and either unframed or framed. If you chose to order it framed there was a range of frame styles from which to choose . The quality of paper was good, and it had been packed in a fairly large diameter tube so that, although rolled up, it showed no creasing when flattened. The colour was accurate and and rich. It is too soon to say how permanent the colour is. This is often a great disappointment when buying a print of a painting - the colour can start to fade after only a few months if there is any exposure to direct sunlight. It was not cheap and the framing prices were quite expensive. I ordered it unframed and had it framed by my usual frame-maker at a lower price and with a much wider choice of mouldings. In terms of quality the actual print compares well with other prints generally - an exact comparison would be difficult to make as this was the only source that I could find for this specific image.

Nicholas E. Verified

Ordered a as a birthday present for my wife she was delighted with the print and the quality of the mounting and framing. She opened her picture at my hospital where I am recovering from a heart transplant. So it brought joy to all.