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Untitled 18, 1963

Art print by Mark Rothko #134645

About the artist

Born in Russia in 1903, and emigrating to the United States in 1913, Rothko is regarded as one of the most significant American artists of the 20th century. The celebrated Abstract Expressionist is most noted for his iconic colour field paintings.

These timeless, modern artworks complement contemporary interiors and look fantastic when printed large, as per their original size, and framed simply for a gallery-style impact.

Mark Rothko
Mark Rothko


William W. Verified

If the colour of this print is important to you do lots of research. I didn't do enough. The images on the retailer's website show this piece as being almost vivid yellow, like a gloriouse sunrise, when in fact it is more a burnt orange. Still looks great, but not what I had hoped.