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The Shrimp Girl

Art print by William Hogarth #424651

About the artist

English painter, printmaker and satirist William Hogarth was born in London in 1697. Known for his satirical and comic-strip like cartoons featuring crowds of people from all walks of life, he is often considered a pioneer in Western sequential art.

Loved for their bawdy humour and political and social satire, this is a wonderful and characterful collection of prints that work really well in sets. The collection includes restrike etchings that are great collector’s items, as well as Hogarth’s iconic series of A Rake’s Progress from the Sir John Soane’s Museum.

William Hogarth
William Hogarth


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Bought on Internet so, of necessity, impersonal. However when I had reason to phone, contact was delightful. Polite, the personification of efficiency and , quite frankly, charming. The product was exactly what I paid for and expected.....the personal contact...a breath of great air