Anthony Green art prints and posters

The following biography is taken from the obituary in his local paper the Herald Express, written by friend and journalist John Clamp.

Im privileged to have counted Tony Green among the people Ive known.
He was an inspiration and example to the often fragmented and unfocused arts scene in South Devon.
The cofounder of C Visual Arts and of the Torbay Visual Art Festival, Tony proved that if you fought hard enough you could make fruit grow from infertile soil.

Not only was he an accomplished artist in his own right, he was also a tireless campaigner for the arts who was forever cajoling and encouraging, spreading the word about the crucial role the arts play in civilised society.

Tony was born in Harrow in July 1939, one of six children.
He grew up in London but in his early 20s came to Torbay, where he fell in love with the place, and with local girl Megan Mills.

An interest in painting and sculpture regularly took him to St Ives, where the thriving art scene inspir

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