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Bill Birrell art prints and posters

Bill Birrell was born in Glasgow in 1945, a period of austerity and optimism.

Bill studied at the Glasgow School of Art from 1964 66 and 1968 70. He spent the two intervening years working as a graphic artist in Toronto, Canada.

While he was a student at Glasgow he started to show paintings at the Royal Glasgow Institute and through a friend he met Cyril Gerber, a Glasgow art dealer who showed an interest in his work. Later he exhibited often at Gerbers Compass Gallery. In a well established career he has exhibited in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Toronto and Geneva.

While at Glasgow School of Art he began to develop his unique style, a private world of prosaic clarity, where figures are real in an uneasy world. His figures are not crude, cartoonlike social comments on an imperfect society. They are however, populating a world with a strange, unfamiliar atmosphere. Within some of the works there is a sense of oppression, of being trapped, of isolation and even fear.

Original art work for sale contact no. 01416331004

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