Camillo Innocenti art prints and posters

Born in 1871 to a wealthy Roman family Camillo Innocenti displayed early artistic talent and soon enrolled in Rome’s School of Fine Art. After winning acclaim in his hometown Innocenti travelled around Europe studying the work of other artists whilst exhibiting his own. Under the influence of Impressionism and other emerging art movements Innocento established himself as a Pointillist painter, a move which saw his popularity soar. After surviving the First World War the artist involved himself in Italy’s film industry before eventually moving to Cairo to become the Founding Director of the School of Fine Art. A position he retained until 1938 before leaving due to health reasons. The artist’s absence from European artistic life meant that he struggled to re-establish himself, an unfortunate circumstance which did not deter him from continuing to work. Dying in 1861 there has been a renewed interest in Innocenti whose work is displayed in several leading galleries.

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